Air Safe goals have been to provide the aviation safety community and the general public with factual and timely information on events that involve the deaths of airline passengers.

Air Safety
The worlds' largest library of aviation safety data includes the US, Europe, South Pacific, Military, and Civil. Experienced researchers and the tools to find information you need.

Aviation Safety
Flight 255 Resource
Aviation Safety provides everyone with a professional interest in aviation with up-to-date, complete and reliable authoritative information on airliner accidents and safety issues.

Federal Aviation Administration
The FAA provides a safe, secure, and efficient global aerospace system that contributes to national security and the promotion of US aerospace safety.

Flight 255 Family
Flight 255 Family is the first Support Group of it's kind, soon followed by Pan Am over Lockerbee and from that organized the National Air Disaster Alliance (NADA/f).

National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation
NADA/F is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to raise the standard of safety, security, survivability, and support through constructive communications with all levels of government, public and private agencies, manufacturers and industry associations.

Salvation Army—US Central Territory
The scope of The Salvation Armys influence is vast, touching nearly every segment of society and providing help, hope, and healing for those who come within its sphere. It is at work in more than 108 countries around the world. And although programs vary from country to country and community to community to help people most effectively, its mission is constant: to share the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ and meet needs without discrimination. This focus, established by its Founder William Booth in 1865, remains the guiding principle for its cutting-edge and award-winning work in contemporary life.

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